52 Dates + Three Particulars

The Cazee'sThis is a small investment and experiment. As we (Matt & Brittanny) have embarked on four and a half years of marriage. We’ve learned more than we ever imagined about each other and have experienced a good deal of life together. As life has settled in…or rather ransacked our life; we have noticed that one of the first things to go has been a weekly date night. Especially with the addition of our sweet 11 month old, Lillian Grace (Lily, Lil’, Lily-Cakes, etc.)

This blog will serve as the fruit of an experiment (the blog is not the experiment but simply a stating of the results of the experiment). What does it look like to plan 52 intentional date nights and how they sweeten our marriage…it’s already sweet but hopefully this will make it even sweeter!

We would also like to go one step further and add three different variables to our date night mix (we’ll call them particulars). Each particular will hopefully add a flavor we desire more of in our marriage. Those flavors are camaraderie, depth, and initiative. These particulars or traits we would like to focus on in the upcoming year and it should be a lot of fun to think within these areas.

Particular #1 – During each date night we’ll have to include one recipe from Alton Brown’s book, Good Eats: The Early Years. This also includes making it together. This should bring about camaraderie!

Particular #2 – We’ll reflect on a question or two during each date This will hopefully cultivate depth!

Particular #3 – Matt, the husband, is responsible for planning and executing 34 of these date nights (3/4 since the fellas are know notoriously for dropping the ball on this). This should invigorate initiative!

Simple enough, right? Well, as with anything that is pleasant, enjoyable, and fruitful, there’s some necessary effort and a load of distractions along the way. Hope you enjoy this as much we hope it’s enjoyable for us!