7 Down, 45 To Go!

I wanted to give a little update on how this whole date night experiment has been at the two-month point. Exhaustion and busyness seem to be the consistent distractions. Some weeks we have been more tired than others going into our date night, especially a few weeks ago when were out-of-town traveling the past weekend. The big fight for us is against the desire to check out. However, I’m so thankful that regardless of our feelings and how tired we are some nights that we have fought for these intentional date nights. If you’re on the reading end of this and feeling how we’ve felt, you’re not alone, we can empathize.

We’ve been noticing that our marriage has reaped the fruit of keeping our date night a priority each week. Our quarrels are less frequent and are noticeably enjoying each other with greater delight! Despite the craziness of the week it feels so good coming into a date night knowing that Matt is my “island oasis”. Amidst the craziness of our life, we at least know that we can get away each week to connect with one another. It helps set the pace for our week. Seven down, 45 to go!

P.S. The featured picture for this post showcases sweet Lily. She’s pretty sweet 🙂