Coming Up With 52 Creative and Innovative Date Nights

Here are the details about what this whole site is for. In an effort to sweeten and deepen our marriage, we’ve put a little spin on our Date Nights for the year. Here’s the challenge: Plan 52 intentional Date Nights through the course of the year with three added variables (we’re referring to them as Particulars). We have created this site to document what happens. We’ll have some of our friends and family jump in along the way and share their stories as well. Here’s are the particulars:

Particular #1: During each date night we’ll have to include one recipe from Alton Brown’s book, Good Eats: The Early Years. This also includes making it together. This should bring about camaraderie!

Particular #2: We’ll reflect on an intentional question or two during each date. These will need to be planned ahead of time and thoughtful. This will hopefully cultivate depth!

Particular #3: Matt, the husband, is responsible for planning and executing 34 of these date nights (3/4 since the fellas are  known notoriously for dropping the ball on this). This should invigorate initiative!


Matt & Brittanny