Morning Bike Ride + Pumpkin Pancakes

Good Eats (Camaraderie)

I broke the rules on this one. I love Fall! Everything about Fall makes me happy. However, the hot Summer days are a constant reminder that Fall has not yet arrived and we are still in the dead of summer. But just because it’s Summer doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some of the joys of Fall now. So this date night I decided to make Pioneer Woman’s Pumpkin Pancakes. I felt like such a rebel. First, because we had a date morning instead of a date night. Second, because the main ingredient (pumpkin) in summer felt wrong but we enjoyed breaking the rules!

These were so yummy! Just making them made me happy. Matt and I had so much fun recreating this recipe. Our meal started with some French Pressed Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. Lily also joined us for a bit before our sitter showed up (pictured below…you won’t miss her). We pretty much followed the recipe exactly. It was almost like having a dessert for breakfast, which felt like breaking more rules (wink). I think it’s OK to break the date night rules every once in a while for a good cause, and a date morning is a good cause! We left out the nuts in the recipe because Matt is not a fan and the butter and caramel drizzle because it was already a dessert without them! This was a home run meal and a nice teaser until we can have a real (in the Fall) Fall breakfast. No more breaking the rules!

Date Night French Press Coffee

Date Night Pumpkin Pancakes Wet & Dry Ingredients

Date Night Helper

Pioneer Woman Pumpkin Pancakes #2

Date Night Baked Bacon Strips

Finshed Date Night Dinner

Good Plan (Initiative)

Last year Pinterest inspired me to make a Date Night Jar (more on my version of this soon). To plan for this date night, I had Matt pull one of the yellow sticks (meaning a free date night) from our  jar for a date night activity. He selected…drum roll please…bike riding! Since we don’t own bikes, we checked out two from the University Matt works at. We rode our bikes on a paved trail right by our house for an hour. The fresh air and exercise was so nice. Of course going down hills was so much fun but turning around and going up was a different story.  So we walked them up a few times and had sweet conversation in the process.

Date Night Bike Ride

Good Conversation (Depth)

What is one thing you are really excited to do on our family vacation in Gatlinburg?

Matt: Finish some books and go on a nice hike!

Britt: Enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the morning with a good book sitting outside, enjoying the scenery.

What book do you want to finish over vacation? (We really like to read)

Matt: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows (Matt read the entire series this year!) He was skeptical at first but now is a huge fan. He also wanted to finish The Hobbit.

Britt: The Diary of Anne Frank