Canal Walk + Italian Dinner

Good Eats (Camaraderie)

We’re currently homeless. Well, to be a bit less ambiguous, we’re in between homes. Closed on our house in southern Indiana and about to move into our home in northern-southern Indiana.  So for this date night we went without the camaraderie-building particular of preparing a Good Eats recipe together since our entire house is packed up in Go-Mini for the next few days. However, next week, we’ll make it happen! For dinner, though, we shared a wonderful Italian meal together. One good principle for dinner together is to sit on the same side of the booth together 😉

Good Plan (Initiative)

Downtown Indianapolis was alive and well this past weekend. We ventured up to the downtown area for a sweet sunset walk on the canal. Britt hasn’t ever been to the canal so we really enjoy the pretty walk and time together to share how each other is doing. It was also a little chaotic since it was a weekend, there was a baseball game, and a Abbott Brothers concert.  It was fun to try out a new location and take an evening to encourage and invest in one another.

Sunset Canal Walk

Good Conversation (Depth)

1) What is one thing we feel like we need but could go without?

2) What would you like to devote more time to this summer?