Catching Fire + Tributes Last Chocolate Mousse

Good Eats (Camaraderie)

For this tribute-themed date night, we wanted to make something that was very fancy and represented the loathsome Capital life. We went with the Good Eats Chocolate Mousse. It was a light, chocolately, and very rich dessert that we enjoyed during our drive to the movie theater. There were a few steps we were unfamiliar with (like “blooming” the gelatin) and using our measuring cups to cook on our stove. However, we learned about folding whipped cream to create a soufflé of sorts when we created a cheese soufflé a few months back. This was a fun, albeit, long to prepare dish; but it was a perfect complement to our themed date night.

Strong Coffee & Melting Chocolate Chips for Good Eats Mousse

Gelatin & Milk for Good Eats Mousse

Warming Up Gelatin & Milk for Good Eats Mousse

Stirring Milk, Gelatin, Melted Chocolate for Good Eats Mousse

Chocolate & Whipped Milk Being Folded In

Finished Folding Everything for the Good Eats Mousse


Finished Good Eats Mousse

Good Plan (Initiative)

We met up with a few of our closest friends and caught the premier of Catching Fire. Most of us had read the books and were well aware of where the movie was going Nonetheless, Britt and I were eager to see if the film would meet up with our hopes and expectations. We had a great time together on this date night because it built on our interests. So our conversations to, during, and from was full of learning about each others interests, thought patterns, and sometimes odd conclusions. We had a great time together and with friends!

Catching Fire Date Night

Good Conversation (Depth)

Note: These are really weird but themed with the Hunger Games.

1) What would your tributes last meal be?

Britt: Bonefish’ Bang Bang Shrimp

Matt: Taco Bell Cheesy Gordita Crunch with extra baja sauce.

2) What skill would you bring to the table if you were a tribute in the Hunger Games?

Matt: If the Hunger Games are anything like The Settlers of Catan, then I should win. I would bring my skill of making people think things I would like for them to think.

Britt: Running away and screaming