The Cazee’s Date Night Jar

One of of the best bits of advice we received as newly weds was to never stop dating each other. Our application has been to set in stone a date night every week. We have missed a handful over the past five years but, for the most part, this has been a consistent priority in our marriage. However, several months ago, before Matt had the idea of starting this date night experiment, I felt frustrated with our date nights. Mainly because we seemed to be treating them as nights off instead of intentional times together. Especially now that there’s a baby in the mix.

I received some inspiration from Pinterest and found this cute idea from a blog on how to spice up your date nights: Date Night Jar. This little project was easy for me to put together…I already had the popsicle sticks and the mason jar! I searched Pinterest for date night ideas and started putting them on popsicle sticks.  Before I knew it, we had a Cazee family Date Night Jar! We have a four-color system and here’s what the following colors represent:


Means a free date night activity that costs us no money at all! We love the yellow ones, here are a few: Go for a walk along the river, play a game at a coffee shop (drinking waters), window shop, blow bubbles or feed the ducks at a nearby park, play tennis or swing on swings at a local playground, visit a pet store, act like a tourist in our own town, look through photo albums and reminisce, test drive cars, enjoy a picnic, talk under the stars, play a board game, ride bikes, and dress up fancy for a candle-lit dinner at home!


Means a date night with a cost to it! At this juncture in our life, most of these are pretty reasonable in their price and fit within our budget. We also love the Green ones, here are a few: Fondue night, dessert only at a very fancy restaurant, driving range, visit a museum, attend a local sporting event, see a movie, go to a play , laser tag, bed and breakfast trip, ride go-carts, talk at a coffee shop, see a choir or symphony, make pottery, visit a new restaurant, night at a hotel in another city, or create a family photo album.

Red & Blue

Means a date night planned by Brittanny (Red) or Matt (Blue). If we’re struggling for ideas, we use a date night resource given to us for a wedding gift five years ago called Simply Romantic Nights. This resource comes with 24 pre-planned date nights 12 for the hubby and 12 for the wifey.

Matt has loved our Date Night Jar, it’s been so helpful! It really spurred us on to get excited about our date nights again…and ultimately inspired our 52 For Two endeavor. We usually pull our date night out at the beginning of the week so we can look forward to it all week (this cultivates hopefulness). Our date night jar has been a huge blessing and a lot of fun!