Change of Plans + Supreme Pizza Burgers

Kaiser Rolls

It’s my (Brittanny’s) turn to plan our Date Night! This week we needed to head up to Terre Haute, Indiana, to visit my sister (who was having surgery) and best friend (who just had a baby). My plan for our Date Night was to take advantage of the extended time I would get with Matt during the car ride together. Two hours there and two hours back! Matt has to travel a good amount for work and we have learned over the years that car rides can actually be a sweet time to enjoy together. We’re usually less distracted while driving somewhere and they can usually be a pretty fun time together with a little forward thinking. I was going to turn this into an excellent Date Night!

Particular #1: Good Eats (Camaraderie)

First, we needed our Road Trip Date Night food. Most of the time, I’m not a big fan of red meat; but, for some reason, nothing sounds better in a car than a drive-thru cheeseburger! Since we were having our date night on the road this week I decided to find a yummy cheeseburger recipe and prepare it with Matt beforehand. Whenever I plan Date Nights, I can deviate from the Good Eats: The Early Years cookbook, and Pioneer Woman has a ton of great burger recipes, so we tried her Supreme Pizza Burger. We were not disappointed! It has an overwhelming amount of ingredients but is actually one of the best burgers we’ve had in years. It also legitimately tastes like a pizza and a burger in one! It’s also pretty easy to prepare.

Frying Supreme Pizza Burgers

Supreme Pizza Burger Raw Materials

Topped off Supreme Pizza Burgers

Finished Goods

One detail we’ve discovered about each other while preparing these meals is that we have different approaches to following directions. I don’t really love details, I just want to skim through the recipe. Matt, however, wants to have every detail considered before we even start. This brings about some disagreements. I want to get the ingredients out, heat pans, and prep vegetables as we go. Matt, however, want’s everything out, cleaned, prepped, and pre-heated before we even start. Needless to say some sparks and laughter began to fly. We keep figuring out that once we get over our preferences we start to have more fun in the kitchen together. We can already see how cooking together is cultivating a deeper friendship…camaraderie!

Particular #2: Good Plan (Initiative)

After Matt and I made the yummy burgers, we wrapped them up in aluminum foil and headed for our car. It was so hard to restrain ourselves and not bite right into the burgers but we wanted to have the full experience of our road trip meal…environment is everything! Bad news though, we both missed the weather forecast (hence, the Change of Plans title). As we pulled out of our garage, we met a nice mix of snow and some freezing rain. After a quick drive out of the neighborhood, we realized this road trip wouldn’t last too long, and there was no way were going to make the drive up north. So we changed our plans and decided to head to Thornton’s and grab two fountain drinks. Yum! Eating the burger in the car with the fountain drink made it taste so much more amazing. I was sad about the change of plans, but Matt helped me adjust my Date Night plans, so we decided to randomly visit Target and Best Buy to look around for a bit. It was fun going to the stores, just the two of us, and with no agenda. Before the weather worsened even more, we headed back home. On the way home I read aloud our favorite chapter in the book 25 Surprising Marriages by William J. Petersen, which was part of my original Date Night plan. Since our trip home wasn’t as long as a trip to Terre Haute, we finished reading the chapter when we arrived back at our home….obviously snuggled up with some coffee.

Reading Together

The chapter was on John and Polly Newton, our favorite couple that we’ve read about so far! We love John and Polly’s sweet marriage (you may know John’s story: wild past in a terrible career, became a Christian, left his career, married sweet Polly, became a pastor, and wrote the hymn Amazing Grace). A few of our favorite quotes in the chapter:

“The people stare at me and well they may. I am indeed a wonder to many, a wonder to myself; especially I wonder that I wonder no more.” Newton explaining his testimony.

In a letter to his wife, John wrote, “But you have so refined my taste since, that nothing short of yourself can thoroughly please me.”

“She was my pleasing companion, my most affectionate friend, my judicious counselor.” Newton describing his wife after her death.

Particular #3: Good Conversation (Depth)

I wanted to ask a deep and a fun question of my hubby.

1. What did we like about the Newton’s marriage and what do we want to implement?

We loved how much they admired one another. They were clearly each others biggest fans and everyone who knew them  was aware how much they esteemed the other. They wrote multiple love letters to each other a week when John would be away for work. We admired their passion for each other and how it continued to grow over the years.

2. If you could buy one thing from Best Buy (money not an issue) what would you get (this wasn’t my original question but my change of plans question)?

Matt would like to get a 15” Retina display MacBook Pro and I would like a really nice Washer and Dryer!

That’s it for my first 52 For Two! Matt’s up next to plan next weeks Date Night….however, it has a fun twist. Stay tuned!