Change of Plans

During our Cornhole + Cracker-Noodle-Do date, Britt and I talked about a few summer concerts we would be excited to attend. Interestingly enough, our summer concert series would begin on the next Date Night. We were about to start the date night that Britt planned when our friends were offered 11th row, floor level, opening night tickets to see Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. So we went with our friends to the concert instead. Before leaving though, we kept our camaraderie-building particular in place by making some excellent cookies via Pioneer Woman! We ate them on the way to the concert while listening to Tom Petty on Spotify. We learned that summer concerts, while a great memory, aren’t necessarily a great date night. Conversation is tricky with the loudness, camaraderie-building is limited by the darkness, and the fact that you’re surrounded by thousands doesn’t really help build oneness.

Tom Petty

Side note: The only concert Matt has ever purchased tickets to and ended up not attending was to a Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers show.

Fun time together and with friends. Next date night features some T-Bone steaks, looking forward to these for sure!