Cozy Café + Cajun Chicken Pasta

Matt loves spicy meals, I loathe them, and try to avoid spicy ingredients at all cost! It’s just not my favorite. The perk of planning out our meals each week is that I get to decide what we eat, so red pepper flakes and Tabasco sauce rarely make it into the ingredient lineup. However, in my mind, the point of date night is to serve Matt in a special way, so I thought I could mix it up a bit and add some spice to our life and meal!

Good Eats (Camaraderie)

I discovered a yummy recipe (Cajun Chicken Pasta) on the Pioneer Woman’s website. She is my new go-to-cook (Matt’s allegiance is still with Alton Brown). The recipe was wonderful and had so many different flavors. It was also a good time to prepare. We loved chopping up all the fresh veggies and discovering fun Cajun spices. It wasn’t quite as creamy as we would have preferred so we added a little cream cheese because we prefer creamier sauces (and double chins). Over all I would say the recipe was a home run!

Prepped Cajun Chicken Vegetables

Cooking Cajun Chicken

Bringing the Cajun Chicken Together

Finished Cajun Chicken

Good Plan (Initiative)

After dinner, we made a trip out to Newburgh, Indiana, to one of our favorites places, Café Arazu, a quaint little restaurant. We met some close friends of ours there and spent the evening catching up over sweet desserts. We each ordered our own treat and did our fair share of sharing. We love the environment of Café Arazu, it’s super cozy and colorful.

Dessert at Cafe Arazu

Good Conversation (Depth)

It takes about 20 minutes to get out to Newburgh so on the way there we caught up just the two of us in the car. I came up with a few intentional questions to stir up some more depth.

What is one adjustment you really want to make before the end of the semester?

Matt: Kick up my discipline of reading.

Britt: Kicking up my discipline of reading as well.

What is one date night activity you want to do this summer in Orlando? (Our work brings us there for five weeks in the summer)

Matt: Would love to go to Disney for a day and make a mad dash through all the kingdoms riding only the best rides! The big decision is whether or not to catch the Epcot or Magic Kingdom fireworks show!

Britt: Every year we try to find a new resort to walk around and grab dinner in, would love to find another hidden gem to explore.

Is there anything fun you want to do with Lily this summer for the first time?

Matt: Take her to the beach…Cocoa.

Britt: Take her to Disney…she’s only one, I’d like to think she’ll remember but I know she won’t. Chalk it up to wishful thinking.