Date Night Fail

Every once in a while we hear from friends about how perfect our date nights must be. Sometimes we’ll hear about how little conflict we must have. Or maybe the impression that things in our home always seem to be calm. Things are wonderful indeed, however, we chuckle inside because most of this is ungrounded optimism. We do have a lot of fun together but nowhere near conflict free and continually peaceful. To confirm this, we briefly wanted to share our most recent date night (last night). Here’s a little context. We have a three-week old newborn and in a super-busy season of work. Possibly the perfect storm for a date night fail.

Here’s a link to a post with Five Thoughts About Valentine’s Day (which we’ll be celebrating on Sunday).

Happy Valentine’s Day Friends! Without further adieu, we gladly share our most recent date night mishap.

Good Plan (Initiative)

7:30pm – Lily’s bedtime routine and put Lily to bed

7:45pm – Laid Haddon down for bed (three-week old)

7:50pm – Made dinner

7:55pm – Watched an episode of The Office

8:15pm – Passed out, date night over.

Good Eats (Camaraderie)

Brittanny made a salad for herself and I made a plate of nachos. Each was wonderful and had incredible flavor!

Good Conversation (Depth)

1. How is your salad?

Britt – Good

2. How are your nachos?

Matt – Really good

3. Didn’t we already watch this episode?

Both – Tired sigh…