Disney Magical Adventure + Whole Foods Take-Out

For the next three weeks we’ll be working from Orlando, Florida, so our next few date nights will take place here as well. We hope to showcase some hidden Orlando date night gems as there’s a gold mine down here! Also, this following date night idea deserves a shout out to Zach & Stephanie as well as Chris & Andee for the inspiration.

Good Eats (Camaraderie)

We’ve lived/worked out of two hotel rooms for the past few weeks, Britt & I are in one room and Lily in the conjoined next to us. We’re going to put our Good Eats: The Early Years experiment on hold for the next few weeks until we return home. For these date nights, we just want to get out and experience some of Orlando.

We kicked off our date night at the Whole Foods Market (which is a treat since we don’t live near one) and walked all through the place. We checked out the sushi, cheese bar, olive buffet, the enormous selection of gourmet cupcakes, and everything else they have to offer. This is actually a great place to kick off a date night! We went with some Asparagus Parmesan Croquettes for an appetizer, I ordered the Smoke Gouda Pasta Salad, and Brittie ordered the Asparagus & Fontina Ravioli. For dessert, we went with some of the best cupcakes we’ve ever had the pleasure of trying. Starbucks also had the deal for $1 Iced Coffee’s and added that as a date night bonus!

Whole Foods for Date Night

Whole Foods Wall of Cupcakes

Whole Foods Appetizers for Date Night

$1 Each Starbucks Iced Coffees for Date Night

Good Plan (Initiative)

Over the years we’ve learned that one of the best date night secrets in Orlando is to take advantage of the many resorts for a romantic spot.  Our all-time favorite is to visit Disney’s Boardwalk, grab dinner at one of the restaurants, take a walk around the lake, sit on one of the faux beaches to watch a Disney movie in beach chairs, and then try to find the best view of the Epcot fireworks display. However, this last date night competes for the title of our favorite resort date night.

After picking up our Whole Foods carry out, we drove to the Animal Kingdom Lodge, which is pretty epic as every room is overlooking wild animals. We’re not sure if this is legal but we took our meal and found a place to sit and look at the animals while enjoying our dinner. The views were incredible, the meal was great, and the cupcakes were the best! We had a romantic time together and a much-needed date night.

Animal Kingdom Lodge Date Night Visit

Enjoying our Whole Foods Take-Out

Animal Kingdom Lodge Date Night

Two 52 For Two Date Night Cupcakes

Good Conversation (Depth)

1) What’s your funniest family vacation memory?

Britt: All the family griping and arguing during the car rides. We were hilarious!

Matt: The time I was on family vacation in Colorado with my fam. I was eight or so and goofing off in the elevator with my older cousin and pressed the fire alarm. I panicked and ran straight to our room to and take a nap. I woke up a few hours later, and to my delight, everything was fine.

2) Dream family vacations in the Cazee future?

Matt: Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Disney World. Washington, D.C.

Britt: Grand Canyon in an RV. Hilton Head Island.