Distance + Chocolate Lava Muffins

Baked Chocolate Lava Muffins

It’s interesting, since we started this date night experiment, we’ve yet to have a most ideal evening to have our date night. Distractions are around every corner, so commitment is the key at this point. This week was no different. I’m actually writing this from Indianapolis and Britt is back home with Lily. Part of this date took place a few days ago and part of it while I was out of town. Sounds fun, right? It was!

Good Eats (Camaraderie)

We decided we couldn’t pull off a full-scale meal while we were apart, so we decided it would be sweet (pun intended) to make the Good Eats Chocolate Lava Muffins and pack them for us to enjoy during our FaceTime date a few days later. To be honest, we weren’t impressed with this recipe. I know what you’re thinking, “It’s impossible to screw up chocolate”, but I think we managed. Failure on some of these recipes was bound to happen, we just didn’t think it would be this early in the game. The muffins had a weird texture and were a little overwhelming on the chocolate side. We’re not connoisseurs by any stretch but we would say texture and taste were off. I’m guessing that’s a big deal. We won’t be repeating these anytime soon.

Melting Chocolate

Chocolate Lava Muffins Mixing

Chocolate Lava Batter

Finished Chocolate Lava Muffins

We had a great time prepping this dessert, which was on the day that I left for Indianapolis, during one of Lily’s naps. We also went with Fiest’s Pandora station in the background. Moments together always seem sweeter and more memorable when there’s a good soundtrack in the background. For example, whenever we play Norah Jones’ Pandora station, we think about two things: 1) Our first dance together (Come Away with Me) and 2) Sunday afternoons lying around playing Scrabble on the iPad (we’re nerds).

Good Plan (Initiative)

The plan for this date night was more challenging because of being be out of town. My schedule also didn’t permit a lot of a free time. My end goal was to create a sweet and memorable time together. During a break, I drew away to a local coffee shop, and we FaceTime chatted on our phones for a little bit of time. I packed our our not-so-great Chocolate Lava Muffins and attempted to eat and enjoy them (which didn’t happen). It didn’t matter, Britt’s sweet and a breath of fresh air, we had a great time catching up and was even able to see Lil’ before she went to bed. Here’s and unflattering picture of us and a cute baby, followed by the two questions we talked through.

Unflattering Pictures but Cute Baby

Good Conversation (Depth)

1. If you could give one or two encouragements to me, what would you say?

Matt to Britt – “Over the past few weeks, you’ve had some incredibly kind and uplifting words. Each morning when I wake up you’re encouraging and kind-hearted and eager to jump into life with me. You’ve also done a wonderful job planning Lily’s 1st birthday. She has the best mommy!”

Britt to Matt – “Matt, you’re my stable, unshifting rock and I feel so safe with you. I don’t ever have to worry about things because I know you’re going to take care of any problems we run into.”

2. What are a few projects/tasks you’re most excited about accomplishing this year? Anyway I can help?

Britt’s Projects – I want to keep working out in the mornings. It’s so helpful when you watch Lily in the AM and give me a morning away. Please, keep giving me some free mornings so I can run and spend time away for a few moments. I also want to focus on a few of our 30 goals before we reach 30.

Matt’s Projects – I would like to build a super-nice coffee table for our living room. Something with some dark-stained, with some high quality and high character wood.

That’s it for the distance date. We’ll be back home and together next week! It’s possible, you can pull off a sweet date night and not even be in the same city!