Driving Range + Cheese Soufflé

Venturing into unknown territory can be uncomfortable but is usually where the most innovation, creativity, and (in our case) fun is cultivated. Our past date night involved both an uncomfortable (for Britt) date adventure and unknown (for both of us) meal. We had a great time!

Good Eats (Camaraderie)

We tackled the Good Eats Cheese Soufflé. This was a good start to our adventure because neither of us had actually tasted a soufflé in our lives, let alone prepared one. Soufflés taste similar to light and fluffy scrambled eggs. It’s a complicated recipe, but after reading pretty thoroughly on this one, was pretty easy to whip up (pun intended). This was camaraderie-building date, there were several times we had to stop and think a few things through, and we learned a few new cooking techniques: creating a white sauce from a rue, tempering eggs, and bringing together a thick cheesy sauce with light and fluffy whipped egg-whites.

Cheese Souffle White Sauce

Souffle Whipped Egg Whites

Folding White Sauce with Egg Whites

Good Eats Cheese Souffle

On a related camaraderie-building note. While sometimes amidst a chaotic week, it may seem easier for us to go out to dinner, part of our date night resolution was to prepare meals together. We’ve really enjoyed this resolution at this point, and heading into our fourth month, we look forward to the set-aside time alone together in the kitchen. It’s a unique bit of time to share, encourage, express concerns, and even vent to one another. We usually make some culinary mistakes as well, so there’s usually a good laugh.

Good Plan (Initiative)

Britt hates mini-golf dates. We never mini-golfed during our dating/engagement season and I believe we have played twice in our nearly five years of marriage. I understand why she’s not a fan. However, I love mini-golfing. For our date night adventure, I decided to risk it and take Britt somewhere she’s never been…a driving range. Sounds romantic right? There’s nothing romantic about a driving range. I just wanted to be with Brittanny, it didn’t really matter where. For the record, she enjoyed the time together. Here’s a few reason why a driving range is a great date night and can cultivate oneness.

    1. No one is around, so you can joke, laugh, and be embarrassed together
    2. Britt looked cute trying to hit the ball off the tee. Britt likes looking cute and anytime I can get my boo in a situation where she’s looking cute is a date night win!
    3. Golf is a humbling sport, it’s good to be humbled together.
    4. If you go at dusk, you can enjoy the sunset.
    5. You can encourage one another, “Nice shot babe!”
    6. You get to check each other out since only one is swinging at a time.

Driving Range Date Night

Good Conversation (Depth)

Golf is a humbling sport. In light of the natural outcome of the game, here a few themed questions.

1. What’s the most humbling experience you’ve had in the past year?

Matt: I’m a handy-man in training. When things break, it’s humbling to have to ask lots of questions at Home Depot and bring my friend YouTube along to help in fixing things. Sometimes I wish it was more inherent.

Britt: Being a mom. When Lily does embarrassing things. It’s an entirely humbling experience.

2. What your most embarrassing memory from High School or College?

Britt: College. Was riding in a tandem bicycle race in front of all the sororities and fraternities and the guy she was riding with botched the pit stop exchange and they crashed. She appeared on the front page of her college newspaper wiped out on the ground.

Matt: Sophomore year of high school was tough. Asked three different girls out over the course of the year, all three said yes, and then cancelled days or moments before the date. Britt consoled me by saying that she never had that problem.