Exploring New City + Cheese Soup

Good Eats (Camaraderie)

For this mid-summer nights date, we decided to create the Good Eats Cheese Soup. This concoction had some incredible flavors and was pretty easy to put together. Britt and I haven’t had much experience with Fontina Cheese but really loved the salty bite and just a hint of smoke flavor. Alton calls for a dash of hot sauce but we opted for a more dashes enjoyed the spicy flavor of the soup. The soup was incredible, however, we found ourselves wanting chicken or some sort of protein to give it a bit more sustenance. All in all, we loved this meal and had a great time enjoying our dinner together on our back porch!

Base of Good Eats Cheese Soup

Simmering Good Eats Cheese Soup

Immersion Blending the Good Eats Cheese Soup

Good Eats Cheese Soup Shredded Cheese

Adding Cheese to Good Eats Cheese Soup

Dinner on the Porch

Good Plan (Initiative)

We recently just moved to Bloomington, Indiana, and had yet to explore our new city. For this date night, we went with little agenda other than seeing what BTown has to offer. Bloomington in a classic college-town with lots of people, shops, restaurants, and culture. While exploring we saw all kinds of interesting buildings, people, and places to shop. In the end though, we settled on two great places. First off, we discovered a wonderful (though petite) shop called BLU Boy Chocolate. This is a little shop that packs a nice little punch with some pretty elaborate chocolates, pastries, drinks, and ice creams. There was a bit of a line to place our order, so we spent nearly ten minutes debating what on earth we would try for our first time visiting. We decided to go with their Salted Caramel Brownie. It was crazy good and just one slice was more than enough to split. We barely finished it! Great shop, great dessert, and wonderful time together.

Side Note: We’re self-proclaimed nerds. Our second more favorite place to explore in our new city was the public library. We could have walked those corridors for hours.

BLU Boy Chocolate Brownie

Good Conversation (Depth)

1. What is your favorite memory from our first home?

Matt: Bringing both of our babies home for the first time and giving them a grand tour of their new home.

Britt: Christmas’ together and making memories over the holidays.

2. What are you most optimistic about in our new city?

Britt: Our new church (Redeemer Community)

Matt: Ditto, and finding fun things for our kids to explore and do!