Fall Fest + Birthday Celebration

We celebrated Britt’s birthday for this date night…and had a great time!

Good Plan (Initiative)

Sweet Lily and I prepared mommy breakfast in bed to kick off her Birthday celebration (see Lily’s bed-head in the picture). Since Brittanny is a woman, over the last few weeks she’s been excited about all things pumpkin, so I cooked up Pioneer Woman’s Silver Dollar Pumpkin Pancakes. In the days leading up, I created a Happy Birthday banner and wrote her a few cards that would detail our plans for the day. First, we had breakfast in bed. Then, later in the day we had a time for presents. That evening, we had a date night together. Then, to close out the birthday celebration, I then created a refresh evening for Brittanny. You can read our thoughts on how to celebrate the Big Day in this earlier piece. For this Birthday celebration I tried to create a thoughtful event and a nice gift.

Good Eats (Camaraderie)

One of Britt’s favorite restaurants is Bonefish Grill. We can’t get enough of the Bang Bang Shrimp. It’s the perfect mix of incredible and awesome and we try to find many excuses each year to eat there. So we kicked off our date night enjoying nice conversation over those spicy, fried little crawly things from the sea. We had longed for a date night, so it was very easy to connect as we were both ready for time alone together. For dessert, we went to an Evansville classic…the Fall Festival. There are rumors that this is a big deal. We enjoyed some fried cookie dough with a scoop of ice cream, walking closely together, and taking everything in that the Fall Fest offers.

Good Conversation (Depth)

What is one thing you wish you would have done differently during the past year?

Matt: Read more, instead of all the media outlets available

Britt: Less media time, more personal development

What is one thing you want to do differently in the upcoming year?

Britt: Maybe finally read the Harry Potter series

Matt: Read more and more books. Less media, better and more engagement at home.