Farm Date Morning + Apple Tart

Fall is upon us so this date morning was our way of ushering in this new and exciting season. Also, since Starbucks is the official provider of coffee for most date nights, we wanted to throw out an official 52ForTwo endorsement. Don’t buy into the Pumpkin Spice Latte hubbub at Starbucks. If you would like to make your palate dance in a festively Fall way, then ignore the PSL hype and grab the Salted Caramel Mocha…it’ll change you world!

Good Eats (Camaraderie)

We’ve been waiting for all things post-Labor Day for a while now. The Fall season (ironically) is where date nights seem to come alive! There are so many little and new catalysts: cooler crisper air, changing leaves, the smell of smoke from bonfires in the air, sweatshirts, hay rides, pumpkin flavored things, and college football (however, that’s a date night damper). I’m a guy and am even pretty excited about all these new little details. So for our camaraderie building meal that we prepare together, we went with the Good Eats Fruit Tart.

As with most of these recipes, we were venturing into unknown territory as Brittanny and I were both unacquainted with tarts. However, this was a perfect “Welcome Fall” dish to prepare together. Puff Pastry was a new ingredient as well as apricot jam. The preparation of this dessert was fairly straight forward and a sweet end to this fall/farm themed date morning. One ingredient we added to the recipe was a bit of cinnamon on top of the tart before baking. Once complete, we had a tangy and delicious tart that was perfectly complimented by a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Good Eats Fruit Tart Date Night

Good Eats Fruit Tart Date Morning II

Good Eats Fruit Tart Date Night III

Good Eats Fruit Tart Prepped

Good Eats Fruit Tart Prepared by 52 For Two

Good Plan (Initiative)

Since I was traveling out-of-town all weekend, we decided to have a date morning to make sure had some extended time away. There were several ways to introduce the Fall season, but for this date night, we decided to visit a local farm. Pumpkins, corn-made crafts, hay lofts, gourds, farm animals, apple cider, and  scenic country drives are all parts of this date morning together. We had a wonderful time buying a few things to begin decorating our house, walking around together, and taking advantage of some time to reminiscing and connect with each other. Mood is very important, so we had Pandora working in the background and went with the Bon Iver artist station. We enjoy chill and relaxed music in the background to set the nice vibe for our date night.

Farm Date Night by 52 For Two

Good Conversation (Depth)

1. If you could meet three people, dead or living, who would they be?

Britt: Sarah Edwards, Helen Roosevear, and Polly Newton

Matt: Charles Spurgeon, John Newton, and Steve Jobs

2. When you were younger, what’s the most embarrassing thing you got in trouble for?

Matt: When I learned that I wasn’t allowed to use my middle finger by itself. That was a rough day for an eight or nine-year old.

Britt: Was late to classes in high school nearly 80% of the time.