First Night + Rib-Eye Steak

This is the cookbook we'll be working through this year. We're excited to jump in!

This is the cookbook we’ll be working through this year. We’re excited to jump in!

Here we go… We executed our first date of this experiment and it was a success and had a great time! We kicked it off at our place with an excellent meal, moved across town to see some friends for a bit, and then closed the evening out together again. Lot’s that could be written but we’ll start with the particulars!

Good Eats (Camaraderie)

We decided to go with the first recipe of the cookbook, Good Eats: The Early Years. Interestingly enough, it may have been the most intense meal we’ve every created. We went with the Pan-Seared Rib-Eye Steak for last nights dish. The recipe comes from the very first episode of Good Eats. It was an intense dish because it only took 10 minutes to prepare and our oven hit 500 degrees for the first time in it’s life! The steak was excellent, well seasoned with black pepper and salt, with side of roasted red potatoes and green beans (from a can, sorry, on a budget). Adjusting the recipe, we would add some cooking time to the steak in the oven (maybe a minute and a half) as it came out a little under-done for Britt and I’s tastes. Excellent start to the night! It was fun to prepare and execute together. Background music was the Feist channel on Pandora.

Steak Searing

Roasted Potatoes

Final Dinner

Good Conversation (Depth)

I (Matt) wanted to get into what Britt has been thinking about all week. So I asked two questions. The first to try and get into that sweet little heart of hers and the second to see if I can be of any help in the coming weeks. These might not sound like the most romantic questions but they tend to open up some avenues for transparency which is always good kindling for intimacy.

1. What’s the thing you’ve been most nervous/anxious about this past week?

2. What is one thing that I can do from week to week to make your life easier?

Good Plan (Initiative)

One surprising effect of the initiative particular is that we’re immediately experiencing hopefulness in looking forward to our night together. Hopefulness is a nice and unexpected dynamic.That’s something I should try to cultivate more of as a husband. One thing you’ll learn about us is that while we’d like to think of ourselves as really cool, we also really enjoy things that aren’t in the mainstream. We ended the night at a Barnes & Noble across town with some friends playing Settlers of Catan. It’s like Monopoly but better because it creates better competition and the games actually end. Think about it, when was the last time you actually finished a game of Monopoly? We’re both extroverts and enjoy spending time with friends. Every once and a while we like to spend a bit of time on our dates with friends. I (Matt) won, btw.

Barnes and Noble


And that concludes our first nights festivities, we’re excited for more to come! First night down, fifty one to go!