Food Truck Bazaar + Assortment of Delicious

Good Eats (Camaraderie)

Currently, we are still living/working in Orlando, Florida. For years, we have heard about food truck events or sometimes seen them as a backdrop in romantic comedies. We’ve wished for years to find one to attend but to no avail, until recently. By the way, we’re not talking about State fair food trucks serving up deep friend Oreo’s but rather an event where the vendors create eclectic and clever menu items. We found one in Orlando. The Daily City’s Food Truck Bazaar and they take place all over the city during the summer. So for our last date night, I found one near us and we dropped in. We had a great time. We have miss making meals together but these last few weeks have served as a nice change of pace and break amidst a chaotic and busy schedule. We’ve also discovered some new ways to dine in unconventional ways.

52 For Two Food Truck Bazaar Date Night

52 For Two Date Night: A Sampling of the Option

For our appetizer, we went with cheesy fresh-cut french fries. We realize this doesn’t fit our “eclectic” parameters mentioned above but they were extraodinarilly tasty. For our main course Britt enjoyed an Italian Crêpe and I went with the Zesty Turkey Bacon Crêpe from The Crêpe Company truck. For dessert we couldn’t resist another crêpe, so we snagged an Eclair crêpe which may have entered our top ten favorite desserts of all time. We almost went with a second dessert from the Empanada truck but I enjoy just the one double chin I have brewing.

52 For Two Date Night Cheesy French Fries

52 For Two Date Night: Dinner Crepes

52 For Two Date Night: Dessert Crepes

Good Plan (Initiative)

There was a pretty good crowd at this bazaar, so we walked around for a bit, tried to find some small adventures within the park, and eventually sat down to have some good conversation together. There was a live band playing some excellent R&B elevator music, which we really enjoyed as much as one can enjoy R&B elevator music. All in all, it was something new for us and we really enjoyed our time together. We recommend this type of evening out to all of our friends!

52 For Two Date Night: The View During Our Walk

Good Conversations (Depth)

When we return home, what are a few adventures that we would like to partake in? I love asking questions like this because it gives Britt something to look forward to, a chance for us to dream together, and connect a bit on each others needs. I can’t always deliver  on what we dream about but even if I deliver on a few things it’s still sweet and win.

1. Watch a few movie trilogies in the evenings together (The Bourne’s, Lord of the Rings, maybe The Mighty Ducks)

2. Read a book on eating healthy. Which is certainly contradictory this most recent date night.

3. Build from scratch two night stands for our bedroom. Let us know if you have any ideas or blueprints!