French Pressed Coffee & Girl Scout Cookies + Night In

Britt and I are coffee snobs. By snobs I mean we don’t like the taste of coffee at all, but can manage it with a hefty amount of creamer. So we’re actually the exact opposite of coffee snobs. Is there a word for someone who only likes coffee when their coffee doesn’t taste like coffee? Whatever that word is, it’s us. However, if you press us, we’ll try to convince you for days Starbucks is the best, even though we don’t know what we’re talking about. All that to say, for our last date night, we went for the Good Eats French Pressed coffee. It was excellent!

Good Eats (Camaraderie)

This was the quickest and easiest ‘meal’ we’ve prepared from this book. Super simple. We needed (and thankfully had) a french press, electric kettle, coffee beans, water, and flavored creamer (to counteract the coffee flavor). First, we ground the beans — Alton recommends a burr grinder, but we only have a blade grinder #FirstWorldProblems. Then, we placed our ground beans in the French press with a pinch of salt to counter the bitterness (we also recommend cream and sugar to counter the coffee flavor), added the kettle-boiled water, gave it a stir, and let it sit for four minutes. After four minutes, we plunged the coffee, slowly. All in all, this ‘meal’ took close to seven minutes, by far our best ‘cook’ time.

Ground Coffee French Pressed Coffee GoodsGood Eats French Pressed Coffee

Good Plan (Initiative)

Britt and I were at the end of the our budget for this past date night. Zero dollars in the date night bank. My plan was to go to our nearest Red Box and get a movie. This may be a good time to throw our thoughts about movies and date night. We’re fans only if movies are utilized in moderation. For us, if we do a movie too much, we’re inclined to check out and not engage but every once and a while it feels like a treat. Especially if you make French pressed coffee and have some Girl Scouts cookies. We can count on our two hands the number of times over the last five years that we’ve seen a movie in the theater for a date night. $22 for the two of us to see one movie is a date night budget killer in our book.

French Pressed Coffee & Girl Scout Cookies

Good Conversation (Depth)

We both loved this relaxed evening together and look forward to a repeat in a month or two. Here’s some conversation starters that led to more depth.

What is your dream car?

Britt – I need to preface this by sharing that Britt first said her dream car was a mini-van. Someone is built to be a super-mom! However, after I told her she didn’t have to be pragmatic, she said a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Matt – I definitely threw functionality out the window. My dream car is a Ferrari.