French-Themed Date Night + Pâte à Choux

Good Eats (Camaraderie)

The Good Eats Pâte à Choux was quite possibly the most French dessert we have ever prepared. It was also a challenge and took a bit of time. The Camaraderie started off very strong with new cooking methods, ingredients, and music (see below) filling our house. However, after an hour of preparing, the camaraderie began to decline. There were a few times we needed to re-engage and bolster camaraderie in our kitchen adventure. To cap our cooking adventure off, we pulled the creme filling off the heat too early, leading to soupy cream filling. We’ve remedied our culinary failure turning it into a delicious French dipping creme-soup-sauce. Even though we had a kitchen failure, there is chocolate in this recipe, so it was salvaged by our semi-sweet friend.

Good Eats Pâte à Choux Base

Good Eats Pâte à Choux

Baked Good Eats Pâte à Choux

Good Eats Pâte à Choux Cream Filling

Good Eats Pâte à Choux Chocolate Topping

Good Eats Pâte à Choux Finished

Good Plan (Initiative)

For our most recent date night, Britt and I went with a French theme. Here are a few details we put in place to make the French theme come alive. We filled our house with the sounds of France. How? Pandora has an incredible station: French Cafe. Search away and you will suddenly find yourself sitting in a park at the foot of the Eiffel Tower (too corny?). We spoke to each other in French accents (now we’re really corny). We dressed up in fine French clothing…or ties, a dress, and pearls. We made Pâte à Choux, which is the most French-sounding food ever created. We watched Julie & Julia, which is a movie somewhat similar to our 52 For Two Date Night experiment but also very French. We drank sparking grape juice, which is a the pregnant version of French wine. We also lit candles, which may or may not be French, but for sure sets the mood.

French Themed 52 For Two Date Night

Good Conversation (Depth)

1. If you could be a professional chef in any city, what city would that be?

Britt: Marseilles, France (small and quaint city)

Matt: New York, City

2. If you could dine upscale anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Matt: Rome, Italy

Britt: Paris, France