Game Night In + BBQ Chicken Pizza

Good Eats (Camaraderie)

Cold season officially arrived at our house this past week, and it showed no mercy wiping Lily and I out. We spent the week in comfy pants, resting, snuggling, and taking medicine. As the week progressed I was anticipating date night more and more. I was hoping we wouldn’t have to reschedule for another night because of Lily and I being on such a slow path to recovery. Extended time with the my hubby was just what the doctor ordered.  With Lily still not doing well we decided to cancel our sitter and have a date-night-in. Lily’s a champ even being sick she still went to bed at 7:00pm giving us much-needed alone time! Since we were having a date-night-in, I figured making homemade pizza would be a blast! A friend recently mentioned how much she enjoyed doing this with her hubby. I searched on my good friend Pinterest for the perfect recipe but couldn’t find one we would both enjoy. Matt and I each have a particular palate. One for herbivores, the other for carnivores, take a guess which is which?

In fact, one of my favorite funny memories of us as newly weds was our first trip to the grocery store. Each of us kept putting our own preferred items in the cart and sneered at each other for what the other was contributing. We’ve learned to compromise over the years (Matt would say, more learned to give in) but this hasn’t translated to our pizza’s, even at nearly five years in. I decided to go rogue and not follow a recipe. We headed to the store and picked out the things we found the most yummy to throw on a pizza. We went with cheap ‘artisan’ crust from a can, topped with a light layer of ranch, then a layer of sautéed and shredded chicken with BBQ sauce. We then added red onions, jalapeño’s, and sprinkled shredded cheese and parmesan on top! Finally, we threw it in the oven and baked it! This was a home-run meal! We cannot wait to do it again. Every bite was absolutely mouth-watering.

Diced Onions for BBQ Chicken & Ranch Pizza

Jack Daniels BBQ Chicken

BBQ Chicken & Ranch Pizza

BBQ Chicken & Ranch Pizza II

BBQ Chicken & Ranch Pizza III

Finished BBQ Chicken & Ranch Pizza

Good Plan (Initiative)

Since this week was Easter I wanted to do something significant with Matt and Lily as a family to celebrate. So before we laid Lily down for the night we made some Resurrection Biscuits. Another friend had told me how wonderful these were, I had never heard of them! Lo and behold my good friend Pinterest had a recipe of course. These were scrumptious! And we were able to tell Lily the resurrection story! After we had cleaned our plates literally…we headed upstairs to our family room with Good Eats French Pressed Coffee and our yummy biscuits.

Baked Resurrection Biscuits

My plan was to have a little game night! We downloaded a new game on the iPad called Ticket to Ride, thankfully Matt had an iTunes gift card he was willing to share. The game is almost as good as Settlers of Catan. We had a blast playing and of course our competitive sides came out as I dominated…ok maybe Matt won a few too. 😉 Homemade pizza, yummy biscuits, French pressed coffee, and a fun game together was the perfect remedy for this sick wifey! What about all those carbs and sugar? At this point, Matt would say we love carbs and sugar and point to his double chin.

Playing Ticket to Ride on the iPad

Good Conversation (Depth)

1. What is one way I can serve you more?

Matt: Wants me to learn to play tennis with me. I’m a girly girl, not an athlete. We tried this early on in our marriage and the tennis ball’s I hit rarely ended over the net or on the court we were playing on.

Britt: Honestly I came up with this question because I just wanted to reaffirm Matt how thankful I was that he has kept Lily early in the morning 3-4 times a week so I can work out. This has been such a blessing, and I really wanted to repay the favor in someway but needed him to tell me how!

2. What fruit of the spirit have you seen me grow in the most recently?

Matt: He said peace, my emotions have been less dictated by circumstances.

Britt: I have seen Matt grow a lot in empathy and kindness towards others.