Geocaching + Chocolate Truffles

Ok, we dropped the proverbial ball on this…and with only seven more date nights to 52! To be fair, we recently sold our house, are preparing to move to another city, and were out-of-town with work for nearly two weeks. We’ve had some wonderful times together but our most recent dates failed to meet the three particulars of this date night experiment in marital bliss. No more excuses, so without further adieu, here is date night #46!

Good Eats (Camaraderie)

This may be the second to last meal we prepare in the kitchen of our very first home. A little sentimental. We decided to prepare the Good Eats Chocolate Truffles and they were nothing short of rich and delightful! These took a couple of hours to prepare and created a mess in our kitchen but resulted in a sweet treat that we’re still enjoying each evening. This dessert calls for a mixture of bittersweet chips for the interior of the truffle and semi-sweet for the exterior creating a nice blend of flavors and you have freedom to coat each truffle with any desired dried or powdery exterior. We went with Dutch Processed Cocoa (which Alton calls for) but you can coat them with nuts, coconut, or we even thought some finely ground espresso would have provided a nice complimenting flavor. We’d highly recommend giving this recipe a shot and it served as an excellent date night dessert.

Mixing Good Eats Chocolate Truffles

Stirred Good Eats Chocolate Truffles

Base for Good Eats Chocolate Truffles

Rolled Good Eats Chocolate Truffles

Finishing Up Good Eats Chocolate Truffles

Finished Good Eats Chocolate Truffles

Good Plan (Initiative)

For this date night activity, we wanted to take advantage of the incredible weather we’re experiencing in the midwest and get some adventurous time together. So we went Geocaching! There’s actually a connection between our date night activity and our date night recipe. Here’s it is: 1) We live in Southern Indiana, 2) Southern Indiana people like to hunt for truffles (mushrooms), 3) We had truffles (chocolate) for our date night meal, 4) Geocaching is like hunting for truffles (plastic or wooden-shaped but not good tasting). Do you see the connection? It’s a Southern Indiana Geocaching truffle-ish hunting date night!

Neither of us has geocached before, and we for sure don’t know the lingo, but here are five steps to a nice geocaching date night:

1) Pick a nearby (or far away) city that you would like to explore together.

2) Download the Geocaching App.

3) Drive to aforementioned city and swing by Starbucks on your way.

4) Open said Geocaching App and it will locate all the nearby caches (is that the word?) for you to find.

5) Begin your adventure together!

Surprisingly, we both loved the time together. It stirred up a little adventure and served as a perfect late spring date night activity! Plus, you get to see some pretty cool views. For the record, we only found one of two…and Britt spotted it first, she’s a champ.

Geocaching Date Night

Good Conversation (Depth)

A house-hunting-themed question and one for building transparency.

1. We’re very interested in purchasing a house built in 1993, what are some memories you have from around that year?

2. What do you think has been at the root of any of our recent conflicts?