High School Mixtape + Mini Man Burgers

Good Plan (Initiative)

Being a cornily romantic high schooler is so easy these days. Just open Spotify, create a romantic playlist, and share it with your sweetheart. Back in the day, we made mixtapes with determination…and a lot of free time. Some of you may nostalgically remember the process of purchasing a blank tape and placing it in your boom box. Then there were two options. First, you would have to get out your CD’s, cue up the track you wanted on the tape, and then press record on the tape deck and play on the CD to record alongside the song playing. This was the easiest option but also took funds and a vast collection of CD’s. However, there was a second route, which included sitting with the tape deck ready to record while waiting and listening for the radio to play that treasured mixtape-worthy song. When it finally played, you would have to quickly press record on the deck to get the song on the tape. One little mistake and you would have to wait another hour to get that song on the tape. After that, you simply had to repeat one of two said processes until you had a twelve-track mixtape to pass along between classes. Creating a mixtape would take hours of commitment, making it a highly regarded and treasured possession. For this date night, we revisited this memory together.

Using Spotify and a list of Billboard Top 100’s from 1998-2002, we sat down together to create a digital mixtape of songs each of us enjoyed back in the day. This was an excellent time together! First, it cultivated a reminiscent evening full of story telling and laughing together. Britt and I didn’t know each other in high school, so it’s always fun when music sparks a memory of silly, awkward, or embarrassing times from the past. Second, we learned a lot about each other by what songs did (and didn’t) make it on our 18-track digital mixtape. For instance, Britt is not a fan of early 2000’s R&B and I rejected every Leann Rimes track that attempted to join the coveted list. This date night activity also comes with a little bonus; now we have a reminiscent playlist to set the ambience and environment of our upcoming date nights!

High School Mixtape Date Night

Good Eats (Camaraderie)

In keeping with the nostalgia, for our date night meal, we went with the Good Eats Mini Man Burgers (sliders). As far as a hand-crafted burger that has come from our kitchen, this may be the best burger we have ever tasted.  The technique for creating these mini burgers was also new. We started out by rolling ground beef into a flat sheet and then seasoning it liberally with a mix and a dash of Worcestershire sauce for some kick. After that, we folded the seasoned beef on top of itself and cut it into slider-size cuts ready for the griddle. We were at the end of our date night budget, so instead of buying mini buns, we created a bun using some croissants sitting in the fridge. This was a wonderful meal using methods we haven’t used before, which led to some learning and sweet time together. This meal is headed for our repeat list!

Flattening Good Eats Mini Man Burgers

Seasoned Good Eats Mini Man Burgers

Prepped Good Eats Mini Man Burgers

Grilling Good Eats Mini Man Burgers

Good Eats Mini Man Burgers

Good Conversation (Depth)

For our date night conversation, we let the artists ask the thought provoking (and depthy) questions this week:

1. How’s it going to be when you don’t know me? -Third Eye Blind

2. Who knew we’d make it this far? -Jagged Edge

3. Oh, can you see it baby? -Savage Garden

4. Have you ever loved somebody so much it makes you cry? -Brandy

5. And now that you’re gone, who am I without you now? -Enrique Iglesias