Letter Writing + Steak au Poivre

Good Eats (Camaraderie)

When selecting the meals we would like to prepare together throughout the year, one of our favorite parameters has been to select dishes with names that are troubling to pronounce. The Good Eats Steak au Poivre fit wonderfully into that category. This is a French dish that sounds very complicated, but if you can make the Good Eats Sawmill Gravy, then this dish is essentially the same. The flavors are a bit peppery, obviously, since the main seasoning step calls for caking a layer or pepper grinds on each side of the steak. Britt doesn’t prefer spicy food but since we’re trying to get baby Cazee here, she didn’t seem to mind. One doesn’t have to, but if you are so inclined, it would be very proper to play the French Cafe Pandora station in the background.52 For Two Date Night Steak au Poivre

Sizzling Good Eats Steak au Poivre

Second Side Good Eats Steak au Poivre

Good Eats Steak au Poivre Sauce

Simmering Good Eats Steak au Poivre

Finished Good Eats Steak au Poivre

Good Plan (Initiative)

I’m a tad-bit sentimental. The upside of sentimentality is I can tend to optimistic and romantic. For example, I think handwritten letters are the coolest. When Britt and I were dating, I used to make cards all the time and write little letters to her at her college. However, a severe personal weaknesses is that I write like a four-year old in the back of a pick-up.  It also takes a very long time for me to write handwritten letters. So while those letters were very sweet, I had to take a week off work to make them. That said, we do enjoy writing letters to one another when there is a very open window of time. A little perspective for this date night activity, this is our last date night as a family of three, next week we become four. As a tradition, we like to write a sweet letter to our baby that is about to be born. So for this date night, we took some time to write a letter to sweet baby Haddon James. To save ourselves undue stress and strain, we decided to type this on our laptop.

Letter Writing Date Night

Good Conversation (Depth)

1. For next weeks date night, what would be most refreshing?

    • Fresh Fruits (in-season)
    • Sounds corny but ocean and thunderstorm soundtracks in the background
    • Sweet, cold, refreshing, and delightful drink to enjoy
    • Maybe break out some Christmas lights

2. As we move from Double Teaming to a Man-to-Man in the parenting world, what are ways I can extra helpful for you as we make this transition?

    • Don’t be surprised when I cry
    • Taking care of Lily’s morning and bedtime routines would be wonderful

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