Master List + Cinnamon Rolls

Good Eats (Camaraderie)

The delicious meal we decided to create for this at-home date night was the Good Eats Cinnamon Rolls. One challenge to creating some of Alton Brown’s meals is that there can sometimes be an overwhelming amount of time devoted to creating each delicious eat. For all the good in working with Alton Brown recipes, complexity tends to be the one downside. In an attempt to make this recipe less complex, we tried to turn the overnight cinnamon roll recipe into a batch evening cinnamon rolls by flexing some culinary muscle and attempting to replace ingredients. What did we learn? Well, for starters, that was a major fail. If one attempts like we did, one will get rolls with the texture and consistent of a week old bread that is disgustingly heavy. We weren’t impressed. Maybe our biggest Good Eats fail thus far. The one redemptive aspect of the rolls were the delicious icing to top it off. Note to self, in the future, we need to follow these recipes to the “T”!

Dry and Wet Team for Good Eats Cinnamon Rolls

Mixing Dough for Good Eats Cinnamon Rolls

Kneaded Dough for Good Eats Cinnamon Rolls

Prepping Good Eats Cinnamon Rolls

Filling for Good Eats Cinnamon Rolls

Laying out Filling for Good Eats Cinnamon Rolls

Prepped Good Eats Cinnamon Rolls

Finished Good Eats Cinnamon Rolls

Good Plan (Initiative) & Conversation (Depth)

We’re still living in the land of six-week old baby. So date night’s out and about are still a bit of a challenge. Keeping things at home have been sweet and refreshing. For our most recent date night activity, we decided to complete The Master of All Master Lists together. We brewed up some hot tea, turned on the Norah Jones Pandora station, and sat down to engage one another with some heartfelt and engaging questions. It was a sweet time in dialogue and really caused both of us to sit back and reflect in order to better serve one another. It’s crazy how one question can lead you on a rabbit trail of transparency, laughter, story-telling, and depth. We love trying to think of new ways to engage each other personally through questions. We also hope The Master List has served some of you well.