Movie on the Lawn + Peach Upside Down Cake

Good Eats (Camaraderie)

Peach season is in full swing and it was time to find a date night use for the fruit! For our camaraderie building meal, we went with the Good Eats Upside-Down Cake and it fit perfectly alongside my date night idea. One quick tip if you attempt this recipe: peaches are easy to peel when you boil them in water for 30 seconds and then shock them in icy cold water immediately after. The skins come right off if you follow that method! Also, instead of using individual ramekins (big fancy culinary term) we went with a larger serving dish. Hands down, anything made from fresh peaches during the summertime is a win!

Unpeeled Peaches for 52 For Two Date Night

Peeled Peaches for 52 For Two Date Night

Sliced Peaches for 52 For Two Date Night

Cobbler Topping for 52 For Two Date Night

Cobbler Base for 52 For Two Date Night

Building Peach Cobbler for 52 For Two Date Night

Finished Peach Cobbler for 52 For Two Date Night

Good Plan (Initiative)

We had a few mild evenings last week so it was a good time do something outside. Most often, “outside” and “summer” lead to back sweat for days…but not this night. We were also at the end of the date night budget so I had to get creative. We have a giant quilt, little citronella candles, a laptop, a fenced-in backyard, and no babysitter.  We would need to start this date night once Lily went down for the night. We travel a great deal during the summer, so Britt also wanted a night in. I brainstormed a movie night on the lawn. This was reminiscent of life in college when movies would be held outside all the time. I brewed up some Rooibos tea with honey, drew the blanket out back, lit the citronella candles, and we enjoyed an evening under the stars and at the movies!

Movie on the Lawn for 52 For Two Date Night

Good Conversation (Depth)

Here’s the thing. Movies aren’t a good conversation igniting date night idea. That doesn’t mean they’re not useful or fun every once in a while, they just need to be used sparingly and with some creativity. This was our second use of a movie date night this year (here was our first). For conversation during this date night, most of it consisted of laughing at what we were watching, telling stories that the movie reminded us about, and enjoying a relaxing time outside during a cool summer night. This ended up being a pretty romantic idea.