Old Town Visit + T-Bone Steak and Eggs

I have loved the weather over the past few weeks! The month of May has been so beautiful. We’ve been enjoying open windows, rarely running the air, meals outside, Lily & I feeling the grass between our toes, and playing corn hole among other outdoor festivities. This date night actually turned into a beautiful date day and a little change of pace from what we’re accustomed to. I wanted us to enjoy the beautiful weather! But first, we needed a good meal together.

Good Eats (Camaraderie)

We went with a hybrid Good Eats/Pioneer Woman meal. We dry-aged two T-Bone steaks according to Alton Brown’s instructions on dry aging meat. Our date night was pushed back two days into a date day, so our meat was a little too dry aged. Dry-aging is intended to intensify the flavor of the meat but still allowing for it to be tender. The extra two days of dry-aging actually led to a dryer meat. So it was packed full of flavor but a little on the beef jerky side of things. We loved it though!

Aged T-Bone Steak

Searing Aged T-Bone Steak

Every time Matt cooks he has this look in his eye and you can tell the thoughts are brewing of him hosting some sort of show on the Food Network. Interestingly, the same thing happens when he listens to music…only he’s performing live at Wembley Stadium in the UK. So when Matt made the two over-medium eggs to go with a our steak, it was clear he was teaching his T.V. audience about how to make the perfect flip: 1) only using the pan and inertia, 2) keeping the two eggs together, 3) and not breaking the yolks. The perfect flip without using any spatula is not for the timid! Wonderful brunch-time meal!

Eggs for Steak and Eggs

Perfect Flip for Over Medium Eggs

Pioneer Woman:Good Eats T-Bone Steak and Eggs

Good Plan (Initiative)

After our gourmet brunch, we headed out to a beautiful and creepy old city. New Harmony, Indiana, is a little town about thirty minutes away from our house. I love this town! A long time ago it was a Utopian Society, which Matt says is code for bearing a strange resemblance the set of M. Night Shyamalan’s, The Village. It has some distinct  character and history. I think it’s such a little gem nestled on the banks of the Wabash River! Matt, however, is very weirded out by the place. Some of our very close friends joined us for our trip to this beautiful city. When we first arrived we enjoyed a little coffee drink from the local coffee shop. We then headed out for a walk. This was such a sweet time. Matt and I have some really sweet memories in New Harmony. One year we celebrated my birthday at the Red Geranium Restaurant, we have also attended a Marriage Conference at the New Harmony Inn, and we also took our maternity pictures in this beautiful city. It was sweet to reminisce and catch up!

New Harmony Coffee Shop

New Harmony 52 For Two II

New Harmony 52 For Two

New Harmony 52 For Two III

New Harmony 52 For Two IV

Good Conversation (Depth)

Matt and I are working in Orlando for the next month, so my questions have to do with our arrival this summer.

1. What‘s the first restaurant you want to eat at when we get to Orlando to celebrate our arrival?

Matt: Dunkin’ Donuts, he really wishes Evansville had one.

Britt: Urban Hibachi! So good and reasonable prices!

2. What song do you want to have blaring as we make our way into Orlando? (Every year we have a theme song that we play as we come into Orlando, obviously this year it has to be a little quieter because of Lily Cakes sleeping)

Matt: Coldplay’s, Hurts like Heaven

Brittanny: Imagine Dragon’s, Radioactive (I have no idea what the lyrics are talking about, which is a first for me but I love the beat!)