Pam & Jim’s First Date

If you’re a fan of The Office, then this date night’s for you! Do you remember Pam & Jim’s first date? Think back to Season 2 and “The Client” episode. Remember? Michael & Jan kindle their love interest over a business dinner at Chili’s (“the new golf course”), while back at the office, Pam discovers a screenplay written by Michael Scott. It’s over a reading of this screenplay that Pam & Jim technically have their first date. As tribute to Britt & I’s favorite show ever, we decided to recreate Pam & Jim’s first date for our 50th date night (two more to go!)

Good Eats (Camaraderie)

For their date night meal, Jim prepared his “famous grilled cheese sandwich”. In keeping with our theme, we created our most “famous” grilled cheese sandwich. For us, this meant employing Alton Brown’s method for creating the perfect toasted cheese sandwich. His method involves placing a cast-iron skillet in the oven at 500 degrees, heating up another pan, and then sandwiching the sandwich between the two hot pans. For the melted cheese, we went with a mixture of shredded cheddar and mozzarella along with a slice of horseradish cheese for some kick!

Grilled Cheese Raw Materials

Basic Grilled Cheese Set-Up

Grilling Cheese with a Cast Iron

Finished Grilled Cheese

This is our favorite way to prepare grilled cheese and we thank Alton Brown for teaching us the proper technique. Now, onto the date night festivities!

Good Plan (Initiative)

Do you remember the painfully awkward conversation Pam & Jim had at her desk toward the end of the episode? Jim gives a brief summary of their first date together, Pam objects that it was ever a date (remember, she’s engaged to Roy), and we all squirm in awkward discomfort as Pam denies the date ever took place. Below are the four parts of the date and we recreated them all for this romantic date night. Thankfully, Britt and I are happily married and this date night really happened.

1) Dinner by Candlelight – Grilled cheese sandwiched, candle’s, and Christmas lights were all employed for our evening together.

2) Show – Why bother with the script for Threat Level Midnight, when a few seasons later, the real production finally came to fruition. Check out season seven, episode 17. To view the show, we sat on our back porch and enjoyed this episode in all its splendor. What’s fun about this specific episode is it brings former cast members back into the picture. This influenced one of our date night questions.

3) Dancing…Swaying – It was a warm late-summer evening. We played some George Straight on iTunes Radio and danced (swayed) for a few songs together. Christmas lights in September are always a romantic touch!

4) Fireworks – We found a very obscure and random business in our town that was still selling fireworks in September and purchased $8 worth of fireworks for our date night finale! Sadly, we had to launch them ourselves instead of watching Dwight and Kevin on the roof from afar.

Pam & Jim's First Date

Good Conversation (Depth)

1) The Office was coming out with new episodes during the first five years of our marriage, what memories of our life together come to mind when you think about different episodes of the show?

2) Which of our friends are which Office characters? Obviously, we’re Pam & Jim.