Poetry Reading + Blackberry Grunt

Side Note: Exciting news we recently brought home our newborn baby boy, Haddon! 

Good Eats (Camaraderie)

For this evenings date night meal, I went with the Good Eats Blackberry Grunt. Great misleading name! The last few days in our home have been fairly tiring and chaotic. Baby boy has been keeping us up all through the night. However, the transition from one baby to two has gone better than we expected! We know the sleepless nights won’t last forever. Britt will obviously have the next several date nights off as she transitions into being a mother of two! Despite the fish-sounding name, the Blackberry Grunt is delicious and may be one of the best desserts we’ve enjoyed to this point. It can also double as an excellent breakfast dish. I went off my own culinary hunch and made an adjustment to Alton’s recipe. Mr. Brown calls for ginger;  however, we decided that we would rather have fresh lemon zest. Game changer! It’s nice to see how we’ve begun to understand how flavors work to influence each dish. Our palettes seem to be maturing. Finally, this dish will turn your teeth blue…very, very blue.

Dry Goods for Good Eats Blackberry Grunt

Preparing Topping for Good Eats Blackberry Grunt

Finished Topping for Good Eats Blackberry Grunt

Berries & Lemon Zest for Good Eats Blackberry Grunt

Simmering Berries for Good Eats Blackberry Grunt

Pre-Baked Good Eats Blackberry Grunt

Finished Good Eats Blackberry Grunt

Good Plan (Initiative)

Since Britt is in recovery mode I opted for a more relaxed and engaging time together, I decided to put together a little evening of poetry reading. Funny fact: Britt’s favorite poet growing up in the mid-nintey’s was Jewel. I’m a guy, so I never had the attention span for poetry (haiku’s were fine because of their shortness). Over the years, we have grown to appreciate poetry much more. It was fun putting a list of readings together. I started with some classics that served as a warm-up (or confused us) and ended with some more devotional poetry from our favorite pastors and teachers.

What was so special about this date night, is that Britt was surprised that we still had one. She felt loved and really cared for. Again reminding me why date nights are so important to a marriage and how they can provide normalcy amidst a chaotic season of adjustment. This date night really didn’t take long to plan. It is the little things at the right time that can minister well. I guess I would call this timliness.

Poetry Reading Date Night

Good Conversation (Depth)

It might seem fairly sterile but poetry reading actually served as a wonderful depth-cultivator and catalyst! We had a great time-sharing insights and confusion, found ourselves laughing a bit, and took some extended time to explain what we were discovering. Below are the poems we read through.

  1. A Noiseless Patient Spider by Walt Whitman
  2. All The World’s a Stage by William Shakespeare
  3. Sonnet 18 by William Shakespeare
  4. I am a Debtor by Robert Murray M’Cheyne
  5. Love Her More and Love Her Less by John Piper

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