Poetry Writing + Frittatas

After last weeks Date Night Fail, I had to redeem myself. For this date night, we left the house for the first time since Haddon’s arrival a few weeks ago!

Good Eats (Camaraderie)

Culinarily speaking, a Frittata is one of those dishes that sounds far more complex than what it truly is. Essentially, a frittata is a broiled omelet. So for this date night, we went with the Good Eats Frittata and it was pretty good. We don’t own a non-stick pan that can be placed in the oven, so we had to cook this in the cast-iron skillet. Incidentally, to this day, an eighth of the frittata is still stuck to the bottom of the skillet. Also, instead of ham and asparagus, we opted for crispy bacon and sweet onions. This recipe allows for freedom in the ingredients you add. Great flavor, very easy and quick to prepare, we loved it!

Chopped Bacon for Good Eats Frittata

Eggs Ingredients for Good Eats Frittata

Searing Bacon for Good Eats Frittata

Searing Bacon and Onions for Good Eats Frittata

Eggs for Good Eats Frittata

Good Eats Frittata

Good Plan (Initiative)

First, we ventured out of the house to a small town just next door to ours. There is a quaint little café that we enjoy visiting, Café Arazu. It’s the kind of place that serves French-pressed coffee at your table, is eclectically decorated, and appears to buy their goods and produce from local vendors. It has a wonderful environment that lends itself to excellent date night conversation and time together. We shared a Philly Cheesesteak and a slice of Red Velvet cake together. This little café served as the perfect backdrop to a refueling time together….with sweet baby Haddon sleeping in his car seat right next two us.

Second, I purchased some Fancy Fountain Pens from Amazon and grabbed some ornate paper from Britt’s card-making corner. During our meal, with fancy fountain pens in hand, we wrote various forms of poetry to each other. We used our names as an acrostic to share the qualities we enjoy about one another. We used the haiku format and a few other poetic styles. It served a nice thought-provoking catalyst to stir up words to describe what we value about each other. Our only rule was to write in cursive, which we haven’t used in years, so it felt kind of like throwing a football with ones off-hand. This is an inexpensive and depth-cultivating date night idea, we loved it!

Poetry Writing with a Fancy Fountain Pen

Good Conversation (Depth)

1. In your nearly 30 years of living, what do you think was the most exciting (culturally, so not related to our life experiences) five year span in those thirty years?

Matt: 2005-2010 – The Office, Parks & Recreation, Good Eats, Apple’s Innovation Run, started to like Starbucks, and Harry Potter books

Britt: 2010-Present – Downton Abbey, Harry Potter movies…Britt didn’t like this question 🙂

2. What are you hoping for as far as our six-year anniversary and a family vacation this upcoming summer?