Refresh + Strawberry Pudding

Some exciting family news…Britt and I are pregnant and almost 11 weeks along with Baby Cazee #2! Needless to say, the last few weeks have been a little challenging, and multiply that with the challenge of being away from home for five weeks. Sometimes you just need a refreshing evening, or in our case a refreshing date night. The following is my attempt at both. To plan for this, I asked myself “what will reinvigorating Britt”…a night-in, reading, drinking eclectic tea’s, sitting outside, and enjoying a refreshing dessert all came to mind.

Good Eats (Camaraderie)

In honor of the 4th of July, we went with the red, white, and blue Good Eats Strawberry (we added blueberry) Pudding. The Good Eats cookbook get’s better and better with each meal. The strawberry pudding recipe looked complicated but is actually very simply put together. Macerate some strawberries (and we added blueberries), make sure to include the lemon zest, it was an excellent flavor! Hollow out some cans, use the can as a guide to slice up some potato bread, and then begin building the concoction in this order: bread ring, berries, bread ring, berries, etc. Alton suggests buttering the bread but we found ourselves wishing is wasn’t in there while we were eating it. The cool thing about this dessert is the excellent way it presents itself. We also created some whipped cream with some whipping cream and our stand mixer.

Sliced Strawberries for Good Eats Strawberry Pudding

Lemon Zest for Good Eats Strawberry Pudding

Macerated Berries for Good Eats Strawberry Pudding

Potato Bread for Good Eats Strawberry Pudding

Good Eats Strawberry Pudding Creation Station

Building Good Eats Strawberry Pudding

Whipped Gream for Good Eats Strawberry Pudding

Good Plan (Initiative)

The least refreshing activity for us would have been to leave our house and go somewhere in town. For this night, refreshing staying at home, sitting outside, and enjoying some extended time together. We also love reading and have talked about starting the Hobbit (in retainer voice). We realize this isn’t the hottest and most trendy date night activity. We don’t care. We love to read, especially about adventures, and we love each other and love to do what each other loves (it’s nice that we have this in common). So I set up a table outside, brewed up some Yorkshire tea, grabbed our copy of the Hobbit from our Book Adventure Date Night a few months ago, and we sat outside and enjoyed some refreshing time together. The weather was perfect, the eats were delicious, and my date night goal was accomplished…refresh.

Good Eats Strawberry Pudding, Yorkshire Team, and the Hobbit for Date Night

Good Conversation (Depth)

Over the next few weeks, what are ways we can deepen as friends?

Matt: When we find each other missing, quickly calling it out, and seek reconciliation sooner than later. Also, aim at enjoying life together, so working on things together, playing together, making meals together, etc.

Britt: Read and pray together in the mornings before Lily gets up. Spend intentional time together when Lily goes to bed instead of checking out.

What’s a funny, and not often talked about, memory from our dating story?

Britt: When we were dating we babysat together. We learned a lot about each other during that time…and our future parenting skills. Too many details to communicate here, needless to say, it was an explosive day.

Matt: Meeting Britt’s family over the Thanksgiving was a hilarious memory for me. Mainly because Britt called me several time during the drive there to warn me about her family. Her family was great, she was just so nervous for me to meet them. Also, when I spill egg on my pants when I told her I liked her…I was nervous.