Reminiscing + Hail Caesar Salad

Salad Preparation

Two weeks into our experiment and we’ve already encountered our first distraction. There’s always distractions lurking around every corner. I (Matt) was on the road for work Monday, Thursday, and Friday. I also had a packed week in between those days. Britt also had packed days and was taking care of Lily as well. When Saturday evening came around all we wanted to do was crash and watch movies. We’ve been there before and we want something more. So even with a full week and impractical schedule, we decided to make it happen. Here’s a look into our last Date Night.

Particular #1: Good Eats (Camaraderie)

This recipe contains two (nearly) raw eggs. Honestly, it was a pretty massive step in a direction we haven’t been before but we really enjoyed Alton Brown’s (AB’s) take on the Caesar Salad. We’re actually going to try it again for lunch again soon! Prep work was pretty minimal (which is a rarity for most of AB’s recipes) and the homemade croutons actually had a nice hint of garlic, good crunch, and even a bit of chewy in there. So much more tasty than the bagged versions we usually buy, which are usually salty and unnaturally crunchy. Hail Caesar Salad is a light salad with a smaller amount of dressing than we’re used to but it actually may have been the best salad we’ve had in a few years. As for the raw eggs, didn’t even notice them! Nice and creamy.

Sautéing Croutons

AB says to prepare the Caesar Salad table-side. We’re always game for go above and beyond so that’s where we prepared it. Nice dinner together with the How Sweet it is (To Be Loved by You) Pandora station playing in the background.

Preparing Salad

Finished Salad

Particular #2: Good Conversation (Depth)

I (Matt) am always trying to cultivate something for us to look forward to. So my two questions for this week will hopefully bring about some opportunities to dream a bit together in the coming months. It’s also my job as husband to try to figure out a way to make some of these dreams happen.

1. What spontaneous city would you like to visit this year?

Britt’s Answer – “Phoenix, Arizona”

2. Since our five-year anniversary is coming up in May, what would you like to do to celebrate?

Britt’s Answer – “Spend it somewhere up around Lake Michigan or French Lick, Indiana, for an evening or two. Since most of our friends were married around the same time as us, it could be nice to have a couple or two with us to celebrate their anniversaries as well.”

Particular #3: Good Plan (Initiative)

Three years ago we spent some time in South Africa (that’s not a common experience for us…we don’t always travel across the world…seriously). We’ve been talking about putting together an album of our time there for years and I decided to plan some reminiscing time together. We went to Starbucks (grabbed a White Mocha) and picked our favorite pictures to put into a book using iPhoto. This was actually a really great time together because we were able to talk, look back at some of our experiences, and think about some of the friends that we missed in Johannesburg. Sometimes it’s nice to take a look forward but sometimes it’s even sweeter to take a look back and celebrate…always seems to bring about thankfulness.


Next week Britt’s up to bat planning our next date. Stay tuned!

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