Romantic Painting + French Onion Soup

Good Eats (Camaraderie)

Some recipes aren’t for the faint of heart. French recipes are of that caliber, especially the Good Eats French Onion Soup. Alton stresses to make sure you always read through the recipe several times before-hand to make sure you’re aware of the time and amount of steps involved. French Onion soup is challenging but worth it on a number of culinary and comfort food levels. I wouldn’t say this is the most camaraderie building recipe but it for sure was a learning experience for us both. For instance, we learned what a bouquet garni is. There were a few other recipes we considered but for a cool and crisp late October evening, this soup was perfect for a cool and crisp date night!

Slicing Onions

Sweating French Onion Soup Onions

Sliced Cheese & Bouqet Garni

Simmering Good Eats French Onion Soup

Prepped Good Eats French Onion Soup

Finished Good Eats French Onion Soup

Good Plan (Initiative)

Sometimes, it’s best not to reinvent the wheel. While thinking for this date night, I remembered that Britt mentioned her Fall bucket list and that a few events hadn’t been accomplished as a family. One of those bucket list ideas was to paint fall leaves. Since I’m a guy, I had never heard of fall leaf painting, so I turned to a helpful friend…dear Pinterest. She’s very helpful in figuring out what it means to paint fall leaves. After figuring out what we would do for our date night plan, I thought of a few ways to add fun and romance to our evening. Apple cider in wine glasses, leaves spread over the table, fall-themed music in Pandora (Bon Iver…you may disagree), and some candles I picked up for Britt a few days before. It was a hit! We had a great time! Britt, for the record is the superior painter…however, we both barely cracked fourth-grade level paintsmanship (sp?).

Romantic Painting Date Night

Romanting Painting

Finished Romantic Painting Date Night

Good Conversation (Depth)

This is a three-part question that must be asked a few times while we head into this fast-paced season. It might not sound very romantic but it helps us plan, prepare, and pray heading in Thanksgiving & Christmas.

1. How can I help you prepare emotionally, financially, and personally for the holiday season?