Snowed In + Sugar Cookies

A massive snowstorm overtook our house last week and we were forced to stay indoors. We didn’t know about the “forced” part until we attempted to make a run to the store and our car became completely stuck on the hill outside of our neighborhood. Very scary moment for the Cazee family indeed. From then on we were stuck at home. So, we decided to throw together an impromptu date night.

Good Eats (Camaraderie)

For our delicious eats, we decided to go with the Good Eats Sugar Cookies. Our first priority was to take inventory of what we had in-stock at our home. This recipe consists of the most basic ingredients (except for frosting and sprinkles, thankfully, we had both) so we were good to go in the ingredients department. Also, since our home was inaccessible from within and without, there was no shot at getting a babysitter, so Lily joined us in our cookie baking endeavor. She was cute…and easily distracted, so dad seemed to do most of the work. The cookies were easy to put together. A very important step is to make sure that the cookie dough has plenty of time to chill in the fridge. It’s harder to roll out and cut the dough if it is at room temperature. Rolling and cutting the dough was easy and we had a blast decorating the cookies together.

Mixing Dry and Wet Team for Good Eats Sugar Cookies

Mixing Good Eats Sugar Cookies

Cutting Good Eats Sugar Cookies

Preparing Good Eats Sugar Cookies

Good Plan (Initiative)

The Settlers of Catan is our go-to game of choice; and, when played together, the primary source of conflict in our marriage. We don’t usually break it out during our date night, so we left it on the shelf. However,  we did want to play a game and we wanted to keep celebrating the Christmas season together, so we broke out A Christmas Story Monopoly. We had a great time with our freshly baked sugar cookies, some ice-cold milk, scented candles lit, the sounds of Christmas playing in the background, snow outside…sorry to get all Bing Crosby on you, it may have been the most perfect evening we have ever had in our home. Date night home run for sure!

Snowy Night In Date Night

We had a Pandora Christmas station playing in the background, here are a few of our favorites for this season:

  1. Vince Guaraldi Trio (Holiday)
  2. Michael Buble (Holiday)
  3. Sufjan Stevens (Holiday)
  4. Classical Christmas
  5. Christmas Traditional

Good Conversation (Depth)

1. What was your most crazy snow-day related experience?

Britt: Our first year of marriage, a massive ice/snow storm hit our town. We lost power to our apartment, spent the day at Panera Bread, and then stayed in another town with some friends who still had power.

Matt: I remember having two snow days in elementary school as the winter break was ending. So I had winter break plus two snow days. It was great…until May.

2. Growing up, what were your favorite board games to play with your family?

Matt: Monopoly

Britt: Jumanji…but we mainly played a lot of video games