Stuffed Lobster + Reminiscing Part II

We finally did it. After sitting for three and a half years on our 30 Things Before We Turn 30 list (more on that later), we finally crossed it off. We cooked live lobster in our very own kitchen! Of course, now the lobster is dead and thoroughly digested (too far, too soon?). Britt and I are very aware this may sound unorthodox, as half of our friends have given us funny looks when we showed them pictures, but we’ve been wanting to do this for a long time. I was originally inspired to do this the first time I saw Alton Brown cook live lobster on Good Eats a good bit of time ago and we actually first attempted to create this meal while visiting my sister and her husband in Miami during our first year of marriage. However, we couldn’t find any live lobster so we settled for crab cakes (womp, womp). For nearly four years, our culinary ambition remained dormant on our 30 before 30 list…until our last date night. It was epic! Here it is, the Good Eats Stuffed Lobster.

Good Eats (Camaraderie)

This was a team project, Britt and I were both involved and very excited. We realize that it may sound weird to some to cook a live lobster in your own home and not just letting Red Lobster do the dirty work for you. Alton Brown settled our hearts (maybe yours to?) by explaining that lobsters are pretty close to cockroaches, so if you’re comfortable squashing one of those, you should be ok cooking a lobster. We’ll spare you the pictures of steaming our lobster, however, we will show you Lily’s first (and last) impression of him.

Lilly & Our Lobster

Claws and Legs Getting that Meat Out

Good Eats Lobster with Lobster Stuffing

Good Eats Lobster Claws to Roast

Making Garlic Butter

There were several steps to this meal, so I’ll highlight two parts we found surprising and enjoyed. First, I was surprised at the amount of shell cracking that went on in the creation of this dish. We haven’t used our knives on hard shells and found ourselves scratching our heads and referring back to the Good Eats books a good bit of times. Often confused, this led to some moments full of laughter. Second, the lobster leg stuffing was incredible and set the dish off with some excellent flavor! It was a perfect combination to grab some lobster meat, some stuffing, and a bit of garlic butter. Man, it was excellent! Lobsters aren’t cheap or easy to find. We knocked out about $30 of our date night budget on this one. We also had to drive to a nearby town to pick up a lobster. If you’re adventurous and gutsy, I would fully recommend giving this meal a shot. Fun Cazee Fact: About two hours after this meal, I learned that I’m allergic to lobster. So we won’t be repeating this dish.

Finished Good Eats Lobster with Lobster Stuffing

Good Plan (Initiative)

Reminiscing is something we love to do. Over the years, when we take time to look back together, it leads to laughs, thankfulness, and endearing thoughts toward each other. Tonight, after our meal, we took a scrapbook I created for the night I proposed to Britt and found a quiet spot in town to read through it together. This scrapbook is full of picture, letters, emails, and other little details of my pursuit of Brittanny. I went after Britt a little over five years ago, so there are some hilarious quirks that being married to her have worked out but are painfully present in the scrapbook. Needless to say, we were rolling at several points reflecting in our story. We love reminiscing, sometimes helps to remind me of important adjustments I need to make in loving Brittanny well. This was a sweet and hilarious time together.

Reminiscing on our Story

Good Conversation (Depth)

1. If you could pick up any hobby, be really good at it, and have unlimited funds to engage in your endeavor, what would your hobby be?

Britt: A food critic that travels the world to offer her thoughts and opinions on dishes.

Matt: An old-English bookbinder. I’d have a way cool looking studio in a refurnished barn in my backyard. I’d rebind old books with new leather covers.

2. Would you rather vacation in the mountains or on the beach for the rest of your life?

Matt: Mountains for sure. I’m not a big fan of the sun or sunburns, love snow skiing and hiking, am more excited about mountain views, and reading in the mountains seems like a better deal.

Britt: Mountains. She’s not a fan of sand in your books, hair, and snacks while at the beach. Plus it’s kind of the same thing everyday on the beach, mountains could be a new experience everyday.