Sunset Canoeing + Bru Burger

Good Eats (Camaraderie)

For this date night, we were in the middle of moving (a little bit homeless) so it was challenging to carry out our camaraderie-building particular of preparing a meal together.  Instead, we opted for a romantic dinner on the town. Britt and I lined up some wonderful babysitters to watch Lily and Haddon, which freed us up for a great date night. To kick things off, we consulted Yelp for what the great people in Indianapolis rank as the best burger in that great city. The results led us to Bru Burger Bar! We went with a side of onion rings and ordered the Bourbon Burger. Both were amazing and some of the best burgers we’ve had the pleasure of eating.

One bit of eating out date night etiquette we usually follow is to split our meal. This helps us keep the costs (and the waistlines) on the minimal side. Every once in a while we will splurge and get our own dish but our date night theory is that we want to walk away feeling lean, mean, and not heavy. We’re aiming for romance on date night so the leaner the better and we recommend splitting dinner together on date nights.

Bru Burger Bar Burbon Burger

Bru Burger Bar Onion Rings

Good Plan (Initiative)

It was a warm (not too hot) summer evening up in Indianapolis. After dinner, we made a little trip up to Eagle Creek State Park and enjoyed a sunset canoeing trip on Eagle Creek. You can rent a two-seater kayak for $20 an hour. We checked a sweet red kayak just as the sun was beginning to set and spent an hour together on the water. It wasn’t too muggy or buggy and ended up serving as a nice backdrop for some meaningful conversation and time connecting. Only downside is the paddling. However, if you come ready to paddle and dressed in the right gear, this ends up being pretty fun! Sunsets are also known to increase romance and enjoyment factors a hundredfold.

Sunset Canoeing Date Night II

Sunset Canoeing Date Night

Good Conversation (Depth)

1) If you had to dream for a bit, what do you think we’ll be doing in ten years? Career? Family? Location?

2) What characteristics did you find most intriguing about me before we were married? What do you think now?