Sunset Dinner + Homemade Fort

Sorry I have been so terrible at getting my posts out on time.  Thank you for your patience!

Good Eats (Camaraderie)

This date night was so fun! It was one of those weeks where I just felt like I never was out of the kitchen so cooking a meal for date night just didn’t sound all the enticing to me! I asked Matt if we could opt out of preparing a meal this week together and splurge a little with our date night money. Matt, being the free spirit in the family, was more than willing to embark on the adventure! We spent the evening at the Edgewater Grill a quaint restaurant in Newburgh. I absolutely love the town of Newburgh! However, we live on the opposite side of town so we rarely have the opportunity to get out there and enjoy the small town. Lucky for me this was the second time this month!  The Edgewater Grill has beautiful outdoor seating, right on the Ohio River. The outside deck was beautifully lit with twinkle lights. It felt so nice to sit outside in the fresh air, enjoy a wonderful sunset, and enjoy time together connecting.

Matt & Britt on a 52 For Two Date Night

52 For Two Sunset Dinner

Good Plan (Initiative)

After dinner, our date night plan was to create a homemade date night fort! I was really excited about this. Matt & I loved making forts in our living rooms when we were kids. Matt did most of the heavy lifting and moving and it took almost no time to create a pretty good looking fort! Matt had some clever ideas to decorate it. Candles, Christmas lights, and a faux wood-burning fireplace in the fort All three of these added to the perfect finishing touch. The faux fireplace even crackled like a real fire. It was date night perfection!

A little bonus, Lily also really enjoyed the fort in the morning!

Homeade Fort 52 For Two Date Night #2

Homeade Fort 52 For Two Date Night

Lily Enjoying the Homeade Fort

Good Conversation (Depth)

1. What are you most looking forward to when Haddon gets here? (Our baby boy on the way)

Brittanny: Honestly, I know this sounds crazy and I’m sure I won’t think this when he gets here but I really am looking forward to snuggling him off and on throughout the night. I miss those late nights, they are just so sweet and go by so fast. I also cannot wait for when we get to meet him for the first time. We’re also interested to see how Lily responds to being a big sister.

Matt: Late night/early morning snuggle time.

2. How are you enjoying studying the Sermon on the Mount this semester?

We’ve learned a bunch and had some great conversation over this question.