Sunset Walk + Banana’s Foster

I think a simple goal of a weekly date night is to set aside time for intentional building of depth and oneness. For this year, we’re focusing on cultivating initiative, depth, and camaraderie. A fruitful date night can take so many forms. From serious and elaborate to simple and fun. From our experience, however, our favorite date nights oftentimes take the simplest form. This was one of them

Good Plan (Initiative)

We went with a simple sunset walk together. For scenery, we went with the river we live by and a quaint town near us. To kick off our sunset walk, we drove out to this town with our Top Ten Love Songs playing in the background…setting the mood. We parked, looked through shops, walked through gardens, found several benches to sit at and found great little pockets of time to connect. There was also a beautiful sunset for us to enjoy. Nothing elaborate, sometimes a simple walk together is all we need.

Sunset Walk 52 For Two Date Night

Sunset Walk View 52 For Two Date Night

Sunset Walk Date Night

Good Conversation (Depth)

1. What are some applications I can close for you this week?

Applications, like on a smartphone. As long as they’re open they’re draining battery, taking up space, and causing everything to run slower. We think of these as events or tasks that are filling each others minds that we could possibly help to close to serve each other.

2. What are you most looking forward to heading into the Fall?

Matt: Change in weather, football season, chili, and wings.

Britt: Working through our Cazee Fall Bucket List!

Good Eats (Camaraderie)

After our sunset walk, we returned home for our camaraderie building meal together! We went with the Good Eats Banana’s Foster  and came out with some mixed reviews. One the plus side, Banana’s Foster is really easy to make and fun to prepare. It also comes with a short, 12 minute cook time. On the down side, it’s overwhelmingly sweet. We prepared two of these dishes and should have just gone with one and shared it. There were leftovers for days. The dessert was exciting and new to make, it was just a bit much. We also opted out of the rum, so no flambé and elaborate table presentation.

Good Eats Bananas Foster Ingredients

Good Eats Bananas Foster Base

Good Eats Bananas Foster

Good Eats Bananas Foster Date Night