The Big 3-0!

Birthday’s are a big deal in our families! Both of our mom’s usually go above and beyond in birthday festivities. This has carried over in to our home. Like Matt said a couple of weeks ago, we have two home-run holidays each year: our anniversary and each others birthdays. This last week was Matt’s 30th birthday which in my mind is an even bigger deal. Thirty is a major accomplishment! And not only did he turn 30 but his birthday is on the 30th! That’s right, his golden birthday and you only get one of those my friends! I planned for months about how to make Matt feel really loved on his big day. My goal was to help him see how truly loved he is.

Before Matt and I got married we took a Love Language test, based on the book, The Five Love Languages. We’d recommend it highly, it’s super-fun! The point of the book is that everyone feels and shows love differently and it is important to know how to love your spouse and for your spouse to know how you feel loved. It helps us to really meet each other’s needs. My love language is words of affirmation by a long shot, however, Matt says enjoys them all equally (I secretly think his love language is Apple products). So for his Birthday, I decided to theme it: The Five Love Languages. Every few days he would get a new envelope that had the love language of the day written on a card inside. I would say it was a pretty good week with lots of intentional time together. Matt’s love tank was filled and he says I further solidified my winning wife of the century! Here is what I planned for each one.

Words of Affirmation

Friday night I invited some of Matt’s closest friends over to lavish him with encouragement. One of my friends helped me make some fancy cupcakes for the guys! The gathered in our living room and each of Matt’s friends shared with Matt what they appreciated about him. He walked away greatly refreshed and encouraged!


The next day we went up to Indy to celebrate with Matt’s family. We had a great time chatting on the car ride there…we love car rides. We enjoyed a nice dinner together as a family and indulged in a few leftover cupcakes from the night before. After dinner, we surprised Matt with a new flat screen TV. His face was priceless. I loved getting this for him! All of his family helped to pitch in. Matt has wanted one for years and he was breathless, I thought I even saw a tear. Electronics are definitely a love language to my husband.

Quality and Quantity Time

Sunday we headed to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum and had a blast! Lily and I went a few weeks before and were so wanting to do this with Matt. It was such a fun day as a family. Watching Lily explore and make sweet memories as family was unforgettable. Matt, however, says that the Museum needs an exhibit on sharing.


This one was my favorite to pull off. I planned a getaway trip for Matt with five of his closest friends. Some friends of ours have a luxury cabin in Kentucky. The five guys met at our house on Friday with their wives. The wives stayed with me for the weekend while the men went on a mens dream getaway. They all had a blast. It was a win, win! Matt had a great weekend with his best friends…and I did too!


A birthday high-five!