Vacation Date Night

Date night on vacation is awesome! First, there are so many unknown areas to search out and explore. Second, in our case, the beach provided a wonderful backdrop for romance. Third, it’s nice to not have time constraints. Fourth, you get to relax beforehand and after. Vacations are a catalyst for date night romance!

For this years summer family vacation, we stayed on Anna Maria Island in Florida with some dear friends. They watched our kiddos while we were able to enjoy an evening together.

Good Eats (Camaraderie)

We had two Good Eats destinations during this date night and one was wonderful. The other? Meh. First, we ventured off to The City Pier Restaurant for dinner overlooking the harbor. Dinner was just ok. The menu had a good deal of fried food and we were wanting to enjoy something a bit fresher. It was also awkwardly crowded. Sound snooty? It’s vacation. Pretty view though.

Pier Restaurant Date Night

The real Good Eats took place at The Beachhouse Waterfront Restaurant. To be fair, we only had dessert there (we came back for dinner a few days later) but it was phenomenal eats with a wonderful sunset view!

Vacation Date Night

Good Plan (Initiative)

We really enjoyed this plan. Since our house was on the beach and only a 20 minute walk to the restaurant, we decided to walk instead of drive. During vacation on the beach, it’s very romantic to walk with sandals in hand, toes in the water, and a picturesque sunset serving as backdrop. We enjoyed sweet desserts and company together. As a bonus, it’s equally, and eerily, romantic to walk back after the sun has set on the ocean. We loved this time connecting and relaxing together and were thankful for a date night on vacation.

Post Sunset Walk

Good Conversation (Depth)

1) What have some of our most epic argument been over the years (thankfully these were pointless and laughable in hindsight)? What did we learn from them?

2) What has God been teaching you as you have spent time with Him over the last few days?